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Jack Shen and Jack Shen Jr.

U.S. 2006 Patent No. 7055280

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Fishing Safety is the best feature we offer

In the sport of fishing, the conventional way to get fishing bait to a particular location is to cast the bait. Casting generally involves a complex set of steps using arm and wrist motions. For even the most experienced fisher, casting is as much an art as it is a science. For an inexperienced fisher, casting can be a dangerous endeavor; the bait, complete with hook, may fly off in an unintended direction. Many instances occur every year where medical treatment is required to remove a fishing hook from someone accidentally snared by a cast gone wrong.

The Precision Caster has been designed to eliminate the complexity, uncertainty, and hazards of casting all fishers have experienced.

Product Detail

The Precision Caster has these main components:

    • A remotely controlled bait delivery vehicle

      This delivery vehicle delivers your lure with PRECISION even under windy condition

    • An ergonomically designed fishing pole assembly with easy-to-use control buttons and/or with optional fish-finding sensor such as HumminBird's SmartCast to cast

    • Precision Caster eliminates the repetitive casting needed by "regular" fishing rods


The system has a remotely controlled bait delivery vehicle, a fishing pole assembly, and a remote control for controlling bait delivery vehicle. The bait delivery vehicle has a fishing bait holder that holds a baited end of a fishing line until the baited end is released at a desired location smoothly. The fishing bait can be natural, living or deceased, or artificial.

You only need to choose the right bait for the fish; PrecisionCaster does the rest.  It is easy to use and fun!

See figures 1  and 2


" I'm only 4'8"and I can cast 500 ft with the Precision Caster without losing my lure!

Dylan Urban


Precision Caster - The only rod that controls precisely where your lure goes!


Item No.


Price (US $)

S&H&Insurance(US $)

001 Precision Caster SR-1 $125 $18
015 Precision Caster Basic Package with two batteries & Car Charger $175 $20
002 High Capacity Caster Battery $25 $5
003 Battery Charge 110 Volts $15 $4
004 12 DC Charger $15 $4
005 Propeller Set $5 $2
006 Remote Controller $25 $5
007 MPG High Quality Reel $25 $5
008 SR-1 Rod $12 $3
009 Float & Sinker Set $2 $1
010 Hooks & Swivel Set $1 $0.5
011 Caster Stand $5 $2
012 SR-1 Complete Package including two batteries and all accessories $200 $20
001a SR-1 Complete Package Plus Wireless Fishfinder Installed $285 $20
001c Hummingbird RF15 Wrest SmartCast Wireless FishFinder $145 $9

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