Directions: Please read Step 1 through Step 8 before using your Precision Caster


Step 1 Fully charge the battery *Low battery power could affect SR-1 control range

Step 2 Install battery into controller and caster before turning on either device

Step 3 After turning on both controller and caster switch while holding down release button, attach fishing line with caster via swivel loop

Step 4 Hook your baits on and drop them into water behind the caster

Step 5 Set your caster in water - now you are in control of sending your lures up to 500 feet away (depending on the length of your fishing line) *To avoid line tangle with propellers, do not put your SR-1 in reverse while bait is onboard.  **To avoid damage your SR-1, do not drop your caster to the ground.  ***To avoid destroying release system, do not grab its tail section, be sure to hold the Precision Caster on its main body. 

Step 6 Stop the caster at the desire fishing location then release your lures by pushing down the release button in your controller

Step 7 Control your caster back to your casting position and enjoy fun fishing

Step 8 Repeat step 1-7 for the second and/or third fishing pole so you can fish many different spots at the same time

* This system works well with any fishing pole as long as it has a swivel that can connect to our Precision Caster SR-1, you also can purchase Fishing Rod Adapter to mount Controller on your rod

* To serve you right, we inspect and install every SR-1 before delivery, battery is included.

To increase the range of Precision Caster SR-1, please attach a piece of aluminum foil over antenna.  It can boost the range by 50%.  The total range is over 500 feet.


  • The optional fishfinder attachment steel rod in the back of the boat can be used to attach a bait tray. You can put all your live baits and hooks inside the tray to prevent the fishing line being sucked in by propellors


          Baiting bowl float behind SR-1                                  Baiting bowl mounting on SR-1 fishfinder installed

  • SR-1 comes with a nut & bot accessory for release system strengthening.  You can replace one fishfinder attachment screw and two tail fin screws so it will be stronger against abuse, but you have to enlarge the screw holes a bit to fit these nuts & bots.


Mr. Albert McBee's Rigging method - I cut the corner from the packaging of the Hummingbird RF30 and superglued it to the starboard lower wing of the SR-1.  The bait and rigging in the cup stays put until the release button is pressed and the line is tugged. (see picture)  I can use a Carolina rigged hook (slip-sinker) by placing the sinker in the cup and running the main line from the rod above the servo ram which is pinned through the swivel eye.  The terminal rigging is tied through the opposite end of the swivel from the main line from the rod.  A three-way swivel can be used with the terminal tackle tied to one eye, the sinker tied to a second eye and the main line tied to the third eye.  The sinker can be secured in the servo clip while the terminal tackle trails behind the boat. 


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Precision Caster - The only rod that controls precisely where your lure goes!



Warning: Don't touch propellers while caster is turned on!